This is a gpsd server located in Singapore. The server runs the master branch of both the gpsd and NTPsec projects, so may frequently be restarting.

It is a member of the NTP Pool since 2008, and has been available on IPv6 since 2012. It supports NTS, and you are encouraged to use that, for some additional security. You should use one of the following lines in your ntpd.conf (in order of preference):

  1. server nts
  2. server
  3. pool

This machine is maintained by Sanjeev Gupta.


A filled shape means the satellite was used in the last fix.
Green-yellow-red colors indicate signal to noise ratio in dBHz
green=best, yellow=fair, and red=worst.
Circles are GPS and QZSS satellites.
Diamonds indicate augmentation (SBAS, WAAS, etc.) satellites.
Triangles pointing up are Galileo satellites.
Triangles pointing down are BeiDou satellites.
Squares are GLONASS satellites.

Fix Data
Fix Type3D Fix
Fix StatusDGPS Fix
Leap Secondsn/a
Latitude1.310341667 ° ±11.095 m
Longitude103.752093333 ° ±8.507 m
Altitude HAE70.9 m ±4.772 m
Altitude MSL67.4 m
Geoid Separation3.5 m
Speed0 m/s ±22.19 m/s
Climb0 m/s ±9.54 m/s
Track True313.25 ° 
Track Magnetic313.4083 °
Magnetic Variation0.2 °
Dilution of Precision
GDOP 12.05
HDOP 1.27
PDOP 1.52
TDOP 7.22
XDOP 2.96
YDOP 2.27
VDOP 0.83
Error Estimates
epc 9.54 m/s
eph 6.032 m
eps 22.19 m/s
ept0.005 s
epx 11.095 m
epy 8.507 m
epv 4.772 m
sep 7.22 m
ecef pAcc n/a
ecef vAcc n/a
Seen 0      Used 0
PRN ElvAzm SNRUsed
Earth Centered Earth Fixed (ECEF)
Position n/an/a n/a 
Velocity n/an/a n/a 

This script is distributed by the GPSD project.